Chiropractic care goes beyond your scheduled appointments and adjustments. It is comprehensive care that you can build on with simple stretches and exercises at home. The Manitoba Chiropractors Association and the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College have several recommendations and back care tips that you can follow that will help you keep your spine healthy and strong.

Fall Prevention

As we get older, falls can become more common. They can be caused by tripping, slipping, reduced vision, illness, or any other number of reasons. There are many steps you can take, however, to reduce your chances of a severe fall:

  • Keep rooms free of clutter
  • Wear low-heeled shoes
  • Use non-skid pads or mats in the bath or shower
  • Put salt or kitty litter on icy sidewalks
  • Do not walk in only socks or stockings
  • Improve your balance by balancing on one leg for a minute at a time
  • Use grab bars on bathroom walls near the shower or toilet
  • Have a flashlight near the bed for walking at night

Know Your Back

Your spine is made up of small bones called vertebrae. These run along the middle of your back to both connect your trunk and upper body as well as protect the nerves that connect the brain to the rest of the body. It is grouped into five sections:

  • Cervical spine – 7 vertebrae that support the neck
  • Thoracic spine – 12 vertebrae that attach the ribs to the chest
  • Lumbar spine – 5 vertebrae that are the lowest and largest bones of the spine
  • The sacrum – A shield-shaped bone that connects to your pelvis
  • The coccyx – Otherwise known as your tailbone

Fit in 15

Did you know you can get fit in just 15 minutes per day of exercise? With only 15 minutes of focused exercise, you can get more energy, improve joint function, get better heart health, improve circulation, and even improve your mental health. The Canadian Chiropractic Association has further tips through a specific Fit in 15 website that can help you get motivated to get and stay fit.

Back Care Tips

Back pain affects millions of people, but there is no need to suffer. You can often head off back pain by following a few simple back care tips that ease the stress on your spine before problems develop:

  • Lift right – Always use your legs to lift heavy objects rather than your back
  • Sleep correctly – Experts recommend sleeping on your side as opposed to your stomach
  • Stretch – This helps maintain flexibility and joint function
  • Stay active – Be sure that your activity involves stretching. Additionally, exercise that helps you lose weight puts less stress on the spine
  • Drink plenty of water – This maintains elasticity and fluidity of joints
  • Work right – Make sure your work area is ergonomically correct and be sure to take regular breaks
  • Watch for warning signs – Don’t leave pain untreated if it persists

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